• Developer: Hunter Brown Ltd.
  • Size: 0.65 ha (excluding way-leave area)
  • Density: 35 dph
  • No. of Dwellings: 23
  • Dwelling Mix: 23 x 3-bed
  • Parking/Home: 2 + 25% Visitor

New Orchard, Kilkenny

23-Unit Outer Suburban Housing Scheme

The client purchased the site on a speculative basis with a view to obtaining planning approval to maximise its value. The proposed development site is a greenfield site in agricultural use in an outer sub-urban region of Kilkenny City. It presented specific challenges in relation to its proximity the adjacent ring road, with a setback of 25 m required from the boundary closest to the N77. Easements for underground services were also required.


The layout seeks to orientate the greatest number of dwellings so that the rear private open space faces generally in a southerly or westerly direction to make good use of natural sunlight in the private spaces.
Additionally, most dwellings overlook the public open space improving the amenity of the dwellings and providing passive supervision of the shared public spaces. The public open space has been careful designed to ensure a range of amenity uses can be enjoyed and to create a sense of place and enclosure to the development.