The best way to get started on your project is to complete ‘Our Free Guide to Preparing a Brief’ and submit it to us.

You may not have all the information or know all the answers yet, but it will get you thinking about most of the key issues.

It is a great introduction for us, to where you are at and we can take it from there.

The questionnaire will ask you to select one of the following options:

Option One: Online Consultation

Time: 30-40 Minutes

Items Covered:

  • Assessment of your completed Client Wishlist
  • Desktop study of your site / existing house
  • Outline review of design, planning and technical issues
  • Explain how we will work with you as architects and engineers if appointed
  • Outline building construction costs
  • Outline likely programme

Objective: Agree a basic definition of the proposed project and give you an opportunity to see how we work.

Cost: €123.00 (€100 + VAT @ 23%)

To Proceed:

Click: Book an Online Consultation


Complete ‘Our Free Guide to Preparing a Brief’

Option Two: Pre-Design Report

Time: Client meeting + research time  (2-3 weeks) + liaison with planners

Items Covered:

  • Assessment of your completed Client Wishlist
  • Visit to your site / existing house
  • Preparation of site analysis report
  • Synopsis of planning permission issues (Local Need, sightlines, nearby developments)
  • Outline building construction, professional fees, and expenses
  • Submit pre-planning application consultation documentation to Planning Authority if deemed necessary
  • Liaise with Co. Council departments e.g. Roads
  • Report on Co. Council consultations if applicable
  • Recommendations on how to proceed

Objective: This option determines the likely feasibility of the project without incurring extensive design and planning application costs.

Cost: €1,137 (€924 + VAT @ 23%)

To Proceed:

Complete ‘Our Free Guide to Preparing a Brief’


At the conclusion of either of the above options, we will prepare a fee proposal for the services we can offer appropriate to your project to see it through from concept design to final certification on completion.

Please note that the above options do not include for the preparation of any design proposals as these would require a far higher level of time input. We may use images from previous or similar projects to support our responses.

The above stages are geared towards one-off new-build and extensions for single-family homes.

For larger projects please call us on (059) 864 0013