• Developer: Cuan Mhuire CLG
  • Contractor: Martin Reddin Ltd.
  • Completion: June 2021

Sr. Consilio Centre 

Women’s Addiction Treatment Centre, Athy, Co. Kildare 

The demand for places in the original Cuan Mhuire treatment centres exceeded their capacity. In assessing increasing demand and examining how the facilities might be expanded to accommodate it, Sr. Consilio and the Cuan Mhuire management Team were of the view that a gender specific facility located as a separate satellite unit would be the optimum solution. The site, formerly housed two semi-detached cottages and measured only 0.37ha with neighbouring cottages on one side.


The main elements of the 1250 m2 of accommodation are:

  • 16 twin-bed, en-suite rooms
  • 2 Mother and baby en-suite rooms
  • 1 Disabled en-suite bedroom
  • Assessment suite for new clients
  • Group and individual counselling/meeting rooms
  • Workshop zone with art, craft, sewing, library, I.T. and personal grooming / self-care training. Note: The laundry facility being proposed is geared towards personal handwashing of personal items.
  • Oratory: A space for quiet and reflection
  • Medical support rooms
  • Dining, living, and cooking facilities
  • External recreational spaces including a kitchen garden, cloister and sensory garden