Patrick & Bruce

We needed to remodel the interior of our house to provide a library and home office – a place to work but also to gather. We needed a more fluid but distinctive space. Our house was built in the 1990’s and although the original design is simple, apparently moving it to the next stage was not. We had gone through the experience of asking other architects for ideas which all

consisted of adding a room that was different to the design of the rest of the house. Vivian respected the space that was already there and rearranged it to create the new areas that we needed. His simple solution was to look up and create a new double height space linked to new zones within the existing dormer attic space.

A spectacular addition was a new glass corridor that ties together the dining room, ‘red’ family room and stops in the crescent walled bedroom giving enormous pictures of the garden and bringing us closer to the apple orchard and the bees.

The process of recreating a space is a powerful experience. Change and demolishing what was there for a long time could have been traumatic and the imagination can run wild. With Vivian’s help the trauma was lessened and in fact became a straightforward exercise.